What is Foam Insulation?

You might have heard of foam insulation, but you aren’t too familiar with it and how it works. This short write-up aims to help you understand in simple words what is spray polyurethane, and how this technology affects our day to day life.  Polyurethane foam insulation is ideal for residential and commercial construction. It is safe to say that as of the current materials available, spaces insulated with polyurethane foam provide thermal comfort for the building’s occupants because it has the highest R-Value rating. Simply put, R-Value is the ability of insulation material to resist the transfer of heat from one place to another. The higher the rating of the material, the better it is able to resist.

Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation is a liquid insulation material that expands and solidifies upon spray up. Both interior and exterior requirements can be You can choose to spray into an open space usually at the roof. This is where the blatant heat of the mid-day sun could be traumatizing. Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam is versatile, can be applied in between the walls, or underneath your roof. Ecofoam Polyurethane Foam insulation’s overall job is to reduce the heat passing through the building. Which in turn reduces the load on heating and cooling systems to cut electricity expenses significantly.

Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam to reduce noise

It was earlier discussed that Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam is liquid and turns to solid, it is then able to creep into the crevices, holes, and cracks of the sprayed area. This leaves no room for air leaks and air gaps in which any noise or sound radiated from inside the house and outside the house would be minimized. The Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam can give occupants privacy in conversations since speech is only audible but unrecognizable. Add a sense of separation from distraction when in a virtual meeting or video conference.

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Home Quarantine Comfort with Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam

The current situation that our communities are now facing is an unprecedented one. We are suddenly hit with a grave threat to our health and no one is prepared against this problem. Corona Virus Disease that is also known as COVID-19 has struck all of us rendering us helpless. The virus had spread wide becoming a global pandemic. Because of such circumstances, our government has created safety measures to ensure our safety during these troubled times.

Most of the businesses and other establishments such as schools, parks, and other places are now temporarily closed. We are required to undergo home quarantine for safety purposes.

We need to stay inside our home because we cannot go outside. Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam will make your home quarantine experience filled with comfort and easiness. Since all of the family members are on quarantine, the consumption of electrical supply will surely increase. Using electrical appliances such as air conditioners and electric fans in order for you to feel comfortable will be much longer during quarantine days, especially now during the summer season.

Benefits of Insulating Your Home

Insulating your home with Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam will help solve this problem. Installing Ecofoam as thermal insulation on the home you are currently staying in can help you reduce the electric consumption on your home and greatly reduce your electric bill. With added insulation, your establishment or residence will then become much more energy-efficient.

Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane foam will help in reducing the flow of heatwaves on your home resulting in a much lower temperature. You will no longer need to use your cooling appliances for a long period of time and will help reduce the energy consumption resulting in the lower electric bills.

Another benefit of Ecofoam that will make your stay at home experience much comfortable is that rodents and other unwanted insects and vermin will not be able to penetrate inside your home. Those small cracks and holes in your houses are the main reason why these unwanted visitors can easily come and go whenever they want. Once the holes and cracks are sprayed with Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane foam these rodents and insects will have no way to get inside your home.

These are some of the benefits that Ecofoam can bring you during your stay at home quarantine days. This will greatly help you feel comfortable and lessen the burden that you are feeling during these trying times.

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Let us all be reminded that staying inside our homes will not just keep us safe from the threat of the COVID-19 virus but we can also help our community in fighting this virus by simply following this safety protocol.