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Home Quarantine Comfort with Ecofoam Spray Polyurethane Foam

The current situation that our communities are now facing is an unprecedented one. We are suddenly hit with a grave threat to our health and no one is prepared against this problem. Corona Virus Disease that is also known as COVID-19 has struck all of us rendering us helpless. The virus had spread wide becoming […]

Home Insulation Energy Saving Benefits

Home insulation can provide you with a lot of benefits and advantages. Home insulation will increase the comfort within the house. It will build a healthy environment, and reduce the energy consumption of your home. Thermal insulation is a process where a defined material or a combination of materials in which when used or apply […]

Ecofoam Fill ‘Em Up B1 Polyurethane Foam Canister Promo

Christmas is just around the corner. The smell of the holiday makes everyone excited and what makes everyone excited? Christmas Promos! A lot of holiday promos and events are being held in this beautiful time of the year. This is the perfect time to go shopping and buy things that you needed. As part of […]

Ecofoam Polyurethane Foam Summer Promo

It is perfectly fine if you are not going anywhere this Summer. Be proud #teambahay and do something meaningful or meaningless at home and take advantage of not going anywhere and sweat the small stuff under the sun with roofs using polyurethane insulation. Enjoy your staycations together with your family in comfort and fun, learn something new at home. Be […]

House Installed with Ecofoam vs. None

Ecofoam is a cellular material that is formed with the reaction of Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate and Polyol blend. The spray application results in a rigid foam material that expands approximately 30 times its original volume. Have you experienced paying high electricity bills? You may want to consider insulating your walls and roof. A house installed […]