PROJECT NAME: Cold Storage Insulation
LOCATION: Tabok, Mandaue City
APPLICATOR S.E.A. Olympus Marketing, Inc.
SYSTEM: Ecofoam Spray-up Application
TOTAL AREA: 141.86 sqm
DATE COMPLETED: April 22, 2010

DG Cold Link Inc. had in their motor pool numerous existing old refrigerated vans with deteriorated insulation. And they purchased additional surplus refrigerated vans from Japan with already damaged insulation. So what they want to do is to restore and repair their existing refrigerated vans.


When they knew about ECOFOAM Polyurethane Insulation they were convinced to use it because it is of same insulation materials made by the original refrigerated truck manufacturer. Our installer then started removing the old insulation material from all refrigerated truck because it’s already deteriorating. They cleaned the area free from any dust, rust and oily substance. After cleaning, ECOFOAM application was then done in the interior part of the truck. Insulation is done to lower thermal conductivity and various heat transfer to maintain the coolness inside. The 141.86 sqm varies from 1 inches thickness to 5 inches. This is a total of 7 insulated van. As a result, all their refrigerated van were rehabilitated and they were very satisfied with the result because they don’t need to buy new refrigerated van for their business and most of all the interior temperature of the van was maintained as the refrigeration equipment requirement.

Accomplishment Photos

DG Cold Link Cold Storage Insulation
Cold Storage Insulation
DG Cold Link

PROJECT NAME: Cold Storage Container Van
LOCATION: Cadiz City, Bacolod
COMPANY: Mr. Allan Daniel
APPLICATOR S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc.
SYSTEM: Eco Foam Spray-Up Application
TOTAL AREA: 186 sq. meters
DATE COMPLETED: April 22, 2010

The Owner of the container van Mr. Allan Daniel wants to convert it into a cold storage in which he will be using it for his fishing business. Because the container van is made of metal which is one of the best heat conductor, he wanted to eliminate heat transfer and so are the rust. Rust forms when metals containing iron mix with the oxygen in the air or the water and create a compound named iron oxide. Wehn oxidation occurs it produces a chemical reaction that creates iron oxide (rust). To eliminate all this problems he needed a certain material that could resist thermal transfter as will as help preserve his container van from rust. Upon knowing about ECOFOAM Polyurethane Insulation, he then decided to use such material.

ECOFOAM Polyurethane Insulation sprayed foam is chosen due to its high R-value, vapor blocking, thermal resistance, flexibility and performance under extreme temperatures. The Container van was then cleaned, removing all the rust then the cleaned area was then primed using an expoxy based, low temperature primer system. The next day installation of polyurethane foam was then made having a 2 inches standard thickness sprayed inside the container van, because it has the capacity to conform to any shope that it completely seal all gaps and crevices with an air-right barrier. Application was completed in less than 3 days, ECOFOAM polyurethane foam then both block moisture or vapor movement and insulate more effectively than any other vable alternatives.

Accomplishment Photos

Cold Storage Container Van
Mr. Allan Daneil

Engineer Edward Maraon, of San R Mining and Construction Company, is the contractor-project manager of Cagayan de Oro International Convention Center (CICC).He Was looking for an effective solution to the leak problmes of the roof.

Roofing Insulation Project
International Convention Center

Architech Maria Linda Escaba waas seeking for an insulation materials that can be installed underneath a galvalum molded roof. At the same time, she wanted an excellent insulation material that will help her save energy and protect the roof from corrosion.

Residential Roofing Project
Ms. Zenaida Ampatua