Lopue’s East


Project Name: Roofing Installation Project

Location: Bacolod City

Company: Lopue’s East

Applicator: S.E.A. Olympus Marketing Inc.

System: ECOFOAM Spray-up Application

Total Area: 3067.69 sq. meters

Date Completed: June 5, 2010


  • The main concern of Management is the water leaking. Also, existing insulation material was asbestos and still temperature is so high which results to discomfort of workers especially during the afternoon.


  • Upon knowing of ECOFOAM, they are convinced to use it and apply in the roof top as a solution to their leaking problem. Installation was done after 12 days with no distractions in their existing roofing. And an elastomeric paint was done on top of the ECOFOAM to protect it from ultraviolet rays or UV, because we all know that UV causes brittleness. As a result it has lower the thermal conductivity and various heat transfer thus, improving the hot working area. Water leaking was then eliminated because ECOFOAM creates a seamless result sealing all gaps, holes and crevices. Everyone now is working in a cooler environment with no more leaking during rainy seasons. Infact a satisfaction letter was sent by Ms. Aradelle Lopue stating that they were very satisfied with the result of the application and that their 3rd floor area has cooled significantly.