Felcris Supermarket


Project Name: Felcris Supermarket (Toril)

Location: Toril, Davao City

Company: Felcris Supermarket

Applicator: S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc.

System: Ecofoam Spray-up Application

Total Area: 5100 sq. meters

Date Completed: May 2010


  • With their direction to expand operations in the City of Davao, Felcris Supermaket Project Management was looking for an insulation material that is easy to install since insulation would entail insulating the facade walling and roofing system of the commercial building. HVAC System is also a concern wherein desired temperature is needed while achieving savings from electricity costs.


  • Ecofoam Polyurethane Foam was sprayed on the double walling of the building’s facade and on the top of their new galvanized roofing system. During their soft opening, considerable comfort was felt by clients and tenants as desired temperature was met with expected savings on electrical costs. More so, facade walling area does not convey ambient temperature especially when the soft opening was held during the summer season and during the peak El Nino phenomenon.