Faustino Go


Project Name: Roofing Application Project

Location: Ibabo Mandaue City

Company: Faustino Go

Applicator: S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc.

System: ECOFOAM Spray-up Application

Total Area: 1,360 sq. meters

Date Completed: July 14, 2010


  • The existing roofing of the warehouse were dilapidated due to corrosion that is why there are lots of leaking occurs. Doing some roofing construction is a way to expensive and the problem will go on and on because certainty rusting of the roofing material will always happen.


  • Upon knowing of Ecofoam, they are convinced to use it and apply in the roof top as a solution to material corrosion. Before installing ECOFOAM, the area was cleared first and they apply epoxy primer to free it from rust, dust and oily subtrate. In the following day, installation of Ecofoam was then started. Because Ecofoam is quick and non-disruptive, installation was done after a week. As a result he saves in constructing a new roof for his warehouse. The existing roofing was restored. Water leaking was then eliminated because ECOFOAM creates a seamless result sealing all gaps, holes and crevices. Everyone now is working in a cooler environment with no more leaking during rainy seasons.