EMCOR Appliance Center


Project Name: Roofing Application Project

Location: Cagayan De Oro City

Company: EMCOR Appliance Center

Applicator: S.E.A Olympus Marketing Inc.

System: ECOFOAM Spray-up Application

Total Area: 320 sq. meters

Date Completed: July 2009


  • Insulation material for the roofing of an appliance store. The project contractors were looking for suppliere of chemicals for insulation materials who could cover the entire area of their external roofing systems.


  • S.E.A. Olympus Marketing, Inc. has ben subcontracted to suply EcoFoam Polyurethane Foam, mobilizing three (3) of their best insulators to spray the entire 320 sq. meters of roofing plus applying UV paint to further strengthen and protect such area. Temperature inside the building has considerably lowered down with expected electrical consumption doing the same. Insulation of the materials did not take weeks plus other contstruction activities were not interveined during insulation because of ECOFOAM is quick and non-disruptive.