Recycle and Earn

Recycle and Earn

Having a bit of problem on what to do with your unwanted left-overs and fruit peelings?

A simple way to solve that problem is as simple as digging little pits for marble shooting! Literally, you can simply dig pits in your backyards (for those who were blessed with moderate if not wide backyards) where you can dump all the perishable left-overs and peelings of the consumed fruits. Just make sure not to discard or discharge the dug soil (this may come in handy later). It’s up to you by how deep you wish your pit will be.

Also make sure that the things (like leftover foods, fallen leaves, plant cuttings, wilted stems, overripe fruits, fruit peels and unused vegetables) you place onto your compost pits are all biodegradable because after decay and nutrients are released, the soil absorbs them for plant reuse.

You help recycle and clean the environment; you also enrich the lands on your backyards. To lessen if not eradicate the smell of withering or decaying foods, you can cover your compose pits with used GI sheets (Galvanize Iron). This also helps keep lovable pets from scavenging decomposing or rotten left-overs. When the pit is already filled, you can cover it with the dug soil.

Ideally, after having occupied the space of the ground (not filling the pits), you have to cover these garbage for another layer of composting, but filling the whole space from bottom up then cover with dug-soil works as well. If you do not have a backyard, empty cans (cans of milk, large canned goods), bottles or bins will do since, perhaps most of the urban communities don’t really have backyards. Though this will be messy, organizing them wouldn’t be a clatter problem (besides, it’s for the Mother Earth’s health and the general public’s greater good). If you have neighbors who are blessed with soil-filled backyards, you can ask from them for, if possible, generous amount of soil to

You can also earn from gathering your biodegradable trash. Simply gather them and sell them to farmers and gardeners who prefer to fertilize their plants and crops by making compost pits. You get to help provide for a more breathable environment, you also earn an income!